Press Release Writing

A press release is a written communication intended for the media for publishing newsworthy information or article. Press release (PR) can be utilized in publicizing your new product launch, new service introduction, corporate events, partnership announcements and many other affairs that hold a value for your business’ stakeholders. Triotech Digitas PR Writing service makes press release creation and distribution easy for your business.

Quality Backlinks and Brand Recognition

Press release is not just a way to disclose your company news it is also a proven and tested technique to earn valuable backlinks to your website and create your bland recognition. What you need is quality content. Press release writing differs significantly from regular article writing. Our experienced copywriter knows the difference. They can create search engine optimized content for your press releases. Quality writing combined with expert PR distribution service at Triotech Digitas can be your one-stop shop for all your online content publication needs.

Quality Writing

Quality is the first and foremost concern in PR writing at Triotech Digitas. Since your press release is to be distributed to the media and various PR publishing sites such as PRWeb adherence to certain quality guidelines and standards in important to get noticed. Our writers know how to create quality PRs that are interesting both for your target audience and for search engine bots.

Flexible Pricing Options

With us you can enjoy flexible pricing depending on your PR requirements. We not only do press release writing for our clients but also provide Press Release Distribution Service.

Ongoing Support

Quality customer service and a lasting relationship with the clients are on our priority list. You can expect ongoing support with all your written communication and online marketing needs with Triotech Digitas.

Get high-quality PR that has the power of journalism combined with the precision needed for quick search engine indexing. Also get your press releases distributed through all major online news-publishing channels. To know more about our PR Writing and PR Distribution services call at +91 8620092030 or fill up and submit our contact us form to get a free quote.