Product Manual writing

Product manuals are very important for manufacturing companies. Preparing clear, comprehensive and organized user manuals for products like software, computer hardware, electrical appliances and heavy electrical equipment are often a challenging part of the job. Technical documents such as product manual and user guide can make huge difference in the success of your product.

So if you are looking for a writer who can create user-friendly manuals and technical documents for your products you have come to the right place.

Manual writing is not about selling your product

A structured, well-written product manual is what your product users need to successfully install and use the product in best possible manner. Unlike brochures, whitepapers and other marketing collaterals product manuals which are mostly designed to convey the benefits of the product and compelling users in purchasing it product manuals require a different approach. Manual writing style also differs from technical content writing such as product description or product specification writing. It is not about directly selling your product; it is about helping and guiding end users to use the product rightly.

Identifying the target audience for product manual writing

There are two types of target audience for manual writing – common consumers, who have least technical knowledge and technicians/engineers who technically sound people. Depending on the technical background of a user product manual writing style varies considerably. Preparing good technical product manual depends on the expertise of the writer. We have content writers who specialize in writing quality product manuals for different industries.

Product manual writing – what we offer

At Triotech Digitas our writers are adept in writing

  • Product user manual
  • Product/equipment installation guide
  • Software user manual and troubleshoot document
  • Computer hardware use guide
  • User training material
  • Electronic gadgets and appliances manual
  • Heavy electrical equipment manual

Even if you produce high quality products failing to provide comprehensive, well-written manuals with the product may result in customer dissatisfaction which is not desired. With us you can rest assured of getting highest quality manuals for your products and ensure complete customer satisfaction.  Contact us for more information.