Search Engine Optimization

In this age of internet and ecommerce a strong web presence is a must for branding. Hence, SEO is not an option anymore. It has become essential for every small and medium business (SMB).

Every hour millions of users are searching over the internet either for some service or a product. If you can achieve top ranking on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) for those valuable keywords representing your business it convert those visits to sale. And all this can be obtained by making a small investment on our SEO services which guaranteed high return. If you’ve waited patiently for six months, and you still don’t see any kind of return on your SEO expert’s strategy, though, it might be time to consider using seo in Thailand.

With a 5-Step SEO service you can turn your website to your best salesman working for you 24×7 round the year without a break. The objective of our SEO service is to leverage the huge internet traffic data, analyze it and develop a highly effective internet marketing plan which will yield result in short time while boosting your website’s performance in the long run.

Our 5-Step Search Engine Optimization service includes the following:

  1. Site Audit/Analysis – Our SEO experts will analyze your website using latest site analysis tools to evaluate your website’s current status in terms of SEO technical aspects, quality of content, quality of backlinks, social signals and various other factors. In addition to that a thorough market research and competitive analysis, which form the basis of SEO implementation, are done and a complete report is generated for your perusal.

  2. SEO Strategy and Action Plan – The next step is developing a comprehensive SEO strategy for your website and design a monthly action plan based on the SEO audit report and your chosen SEO service package (see post to get more details).

  3. On-page Optimization – We check all the on-page SEO factors that can affect your website’s performance. Content quality, quantity, keyword density, internal linking, keyword placement, website navigation are some of the factors that are scrutinized under the microscope of SEO. All rectification and/or modifications are done according to the on-page SEO instruction document generated by our SEO team and checked and approved by the client.

  4. Off-page Optimization – Your website’s link popularity plays a key role in its ranking No. 1 on the SERPs. Quality combined with quantity determines your website’s performance and how Google will value it. Our off-page activities are concentrated in acquiring high-quality links that are most relevant to your website. We conduct an array of link building activities such as Content Marketing, Press Release, Business Listings, Classified Ads, Forum Posting, Video, Infographics and PowerPoint slide sharing depending on the client’s business requirement.

  5. Analysis and Reporting – The last phase of our SEO process refers to tracking and analysis of traffic and backlinks and measuring website’s performance using latest analytical tools. We shall send you a complete monthly report on SEO activities and the results based on web analytics.

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