Multi Lingual SEO

Multi-lingual SEO, alternatively termed as International SEO, plays a key role for global businesses in their online marketing. Multi-lingual SEO is the process of optimizing a website in multiple languages for organic search. If you think big and target a global audience you need to go local first. Confused? Well, what we mean is you need to optimize your website in local language of the region you are targeting.

Go global with our Multi-lingual SEO

We offer specially designed multi lingual SEO service to meet your specific business objectives. Our international SEO packages are designed with the following points in focus.

  • To make your brand visible in local search result pages
  • Drive relevant traffic to your website
  • Ensure engaging user experience with relevant and optimized content in local languages

We devise effective strategies and incorporate organized SEO campaign to achieve the best possible result.

Geotargeting: Target the location using geo-targeting. You can go with country-code Top Level Domain (e.g., or sub-domain with generic Top Level Domain (e.g., or subdirectories with generic Top Level Domain (e.g., depending on your budget and availability of technical resources and infrastructure.

Keyword localization: Multi-lingual SEO is not just word-to-word translation of your website content and keywords from your language to another language. Our SEO team will identify the right local terms for your targeted keywords. We will create a list of most appropriate local search terms to optimize your local webpages.

International SEO audit: We audit your website from both local and international perspective to make it both search engine friendly and user friendly. We shall review your website for all aspects including content, keywords, backlinks as well as SEO technicalities.

Local competitor analysis: Our SEO experts will gather insights about your competitors in each local market you target; analyze their strength and weaknesses to define the right strategy for your business and ensure your successful entry in that market.

If you are planning to venture into a new market or geo target a new country/region for your business give us a call. We are there to help you go global with our customized multilingual SEO packages. Contact us for details.