Web Analytics

We usually think of web analytics as part of a Digital Marketing campaign. But do you know web analytics can actually play the key role in modern online marketing industry? Many ecommerce websites and online businesses use Google Analytics and/or other analytics software to study and measure the result of their website usage and streamline their online marketing campaigns accordingly. Big brands have already proved that web analytics can be used more extensively and effectively to improve brand visibility and increase company profit. What you need is professional assistance to update your digital marketing strategies on the basis of your web analytics report.

Measure your digital marketing campaign with Web Analytics

Triotech Digitas digital marketing team has the expertise and experience to provide best digital marketing solutions based on web analytics. We use analytics not only to quarry data and process them to information but also to monitor our online marketing projects. Web analytics can give you insights on important areas of a website and its usage. For example, number of visits per day/week/month, page views, bounce rate, keywords with which your visitors found your website, average time spent on your web pages, demographic information, users’ location, referral websites and the account of search engine traffic all can be tracked, measured and analyzed using web analytics software.

Enjoy the benefits of Web Analytics in business with Triotech Digitas

It is already known that developing a website and do some SEO work on it is not enough to stay ahead in the competition. Web analytics can be your secret weapon to excel in the industry. Our web analytics packages can benefit your business many ways –

  • Extract valuable data on your website traffic, unique and repeat visits, page views, bounce rate and other SEO factors
  • Track users’ locations and analyze their behavior to improve your web marketing
  • Track website performance over time and measure the impact of external factors like weather, seasons, special events on your web traffic
  • Identify market trends
  • Detect and fix technical and user rated problems with your website quickly before it affects the flow of traffic and/or user experience
  • Identify which areas of your website need improvement and which areas are optimized properly
  • Convert visits to sales that is, increase sales conversion rate
  • Make your website user friendly and ensure maximum user experience
  •  Improve customer relation with timely response

At Triotech Digitas quality is ultimate factor that drive our every action.

We are not content with good statistics. We also focus on the areas of your websites that are not performing well; investigate the reason behind low performance and find solution that will boost your promotional campaign overall.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today for consultation and get quote on our web analytics packages.