Pinterest Marketing

Communication is the key to survive in today’s fiercely competitive business world. Leveraging the power of social media to connect with your potential customers and promote your products/services can in turn boost your sales considerably.

Benefits of Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is the latest trend in social media marketing and communication. As the study shows this relatively new social network can be highly favorable for businesses such as art and crafts, home improvement, clothing, accessories, real estate, hotel, food, landscaping and gardening where you need to deal with a lot of visual content to influence your target audience. So if your business falls into any of these categories Pinterest can do better than Twitter in generating leads. Pinterest encourage word-of-mouth marketing which in turn helps small businesses build and improve their brand recognition.

Pinterest currently have 70 million users among which 40 million are active users. As of 2012 47% of American consumers have made purchase decisions based on recommendations from their Pinterest network. As of 2013 a Pinterest user spends 98 minutes on average per month (which is enough to time to get an exposure for your products) and 9 million have connected their Facebook account with Pinterest. As per the statistics Pinterest is growing stronger and has huge potential in influencing online consumers.

Why you should choose us

Increase your product sales with our all-inclusive Pinterest Marketing service and convert your Pinterest followers into your customers. Our Pinterest Marketing strategy is based on thorough keyword research market trends and competitor analysis with respect to your business. Pinterest’s optimized pin boards can take your social media marketing to a new height. By utilizing customized content optimized with most effective keywords and hashtags we can help you improve social signals and organic traffic flow to your website considerably.

Our Pinterest Marketing Service includes:

  • Identifying and segmenting target audience

  • Perform competitor analysis

  • Conduct keyword research on your business

  • Developing customized content for marketing

  • Optimizing your webpage for social media

  • Content marketing

  • Measuring result and reporting

So, if you don’t have Pinterest Marketing strategies yet contact us today for effective content marketing and product promotion on Pinterest.