Twitter Marketing

Social signals can play a vital role to boost your website’s performance on the search engine result pages (SERPs). With about 650 million active users Twitter has now emerged as a powerful marketing tool that can make your business provided the profile of your target audience matches the Twitter users’ profile and your content meet their interest.

Apart from desktop and laptop users a huge percentage of mobile phone users also accesses Twitter via smartphones. If you don’t really want to lose them you need a specialized Twitter Marketing Service to address all types of internet users. If you’re a business owner not yet striving to diversify your workforce, you should definitely read these workplace diversity benefits.

Twitter marketing can prove highly beneficial to your business in many ways.

Branding – By applying a well-planned, structured content marketing strategy via Twitter you can significantly increase your brand recognition and strengthen your online presence.

Communication – This unique micro-blogging platform is used by several businesses starting from retailers to digital marketing service providers for regular communication with and feedback from their customers and prospective buyers.

Understanding trends – Twitter also helps to keep you updated about what your customers are saying on a real-time basis. Twitter’s trending topics list provides an idea of the hottest and popular topics users are currently discussing. This feature proves to be crucial for an online marketing campaign.

Lead generation – Tweets on special offers, contests, discounts, new product launch encourage users, including your followers, to inquire and visit your website thereby generating more leads for your business.

Personalized customer service – Being on Twitter makes you accessible to your customers / prospective buyers. You can quickly get back to individual customer queries, complaints or comments and thus ensuring improved customer service and lasting customer relationship.

How We Can Help in Your Twitter Marketing

Our social media marketing team will study your business market and organizational goals to develop an effective Twitter Marketing strategy. Starting from profile creation and management to regular tweet and user engagement we shall do everything to boost your Twitter presence. Following trends and user analytics are also part of our Twitter Marketing service.

To know more about our Twitter Marketing service and other social media marketing packages contact us or call us at +91 8620092030