Email marketing is a proven and tested technique of direct marketing which has great potential that small business entrepreneurs can take advantage. Email marketing can be used for various promotional purposes in the form of newsletter, invitation, special offers and so on.

If done the right way email marketing can be the most effective tool to grow your business. As you keep sending valuable, useful information about your products and services to your existing customers and potential customers periodically on a regular basis they are bound to recall your company name and your products and services right when they need it. The use of a good email address checker tool can help you reach your client and improve your email deliverability.

Fully professional, affordable email marketing solution

At Triotech Digitas we try to understand your problem and provide marketing solutions instead of a service. We shall conduct an email marketing campaign on your behalf based on thorough market research and valuable inputs from your side. We will design and create email for you. Track user activities and monitor the campaign, get insights and generate reports for your easy understanding. With us you can sit back and see your brand grow.

How our Email Marketing solutions can help your business grow

It is inexpensive: We offer comprehensive email marketing solutions at an affordable rate to small and medium businesses.

It is direct: It takes you directly to your potential customers’ mailbox with a one to one approach and a personal touch. Send newsletters, special offers and promotions with call to action.

Measurable results: You can directly measure the success of your email marketing campaign with your growing list of subscribers, click through rates, lead generation and conversions, email sharing and referral rates and so on.

Customized approach: With customized, attractive newsletters for providing valuable information to your customer you not only build a sustainable customer relationship but also generate more leads and grow your business in a steady manner.

Increased brand engagement: We use custom templates to add videos, images, engaging texts, survey questionnaires, RSS and subscription to engage your target audience. For small businesses like startups, promotional products such as personalized cooler bags help cut their marketing budget and still draw people’s attention.

Increased reach: Increase your reach with professionally designed email newsletters compatible for all devices from desktop to smartphones.

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