Google Panda Recovery Services

Many websites has been affected by Google’s Panda update so far. Their ranking dropped, organic traffic reduced and their online business is at stake. Do you face the same problem with your website too? Did it rank high earlier and suddenly experienced a significant drop in ranking despite acquiring thousands of inbound links and ongoing SEO activities? Have you received a warning message from Google? Then your site might be a victim of Panda Update or it has been penalized by Google for wrong SEO practice.

But, the good news is – it is possible to recover your website from the claws of Google Panda. It requires specialized SEO service to restore your site and bring it back on track as it was before.

If Google penalizes your website for bad SEO it could have serious impact not only on your web traffic but also on your business. That is why an SEO specialist such as Triotechdigitas at your service. Our digital marketing experts will examine your website starting from its content and backlinks to all other technical aspects of SEO to find out whether it is a manual or algorithmic penalty and the possible reasons behind it. After the diagnosis a recovery action plan will be drafted and executed as quickly as possible.

Our Google Panda Recovery Services include:

  • Baseline Rank checking
  • Content quality checking
  • Checking duplicate content issues
  • Replacing duplicate content with fresh, keyword-optimized content
  • Checking duplicate metadata and fix them with unique, optimized metadata
  • Backlink analysis
  • Internal link analysis
  • Removing unnatural, irrelevant and broken links
  • Disavow irrelevant links that cannot be removed
  • Submit reconsideration request

Although we take all required measures for Panda recovery your website may also need new/revised SEO strategy in support of the recovery process and ensure effective outcome in the due course.

Contact us today for more information on Google Panda and Penguin Recovery Services or assistance for Google Reconsideration Request.