Facebook Ad Marketing

Facebook has emerged as the most powerful social media platform in terms of number of users. Today it has over one billion users to prove its growing popularity across the globe. When you want to convey your brand messages our Facebook ad marketing can help you reach more than a billion people in a minute. If utilized properly Facebook ads can open up endless possibilities for your business. It can be an easy way to reach the right prospects for your business and drive more targeted traffic to your way.

Benefits of Facebook Ad Marketing

Remarketing: Facebook uses information from individual’s recent search data and browsing history temporarily stored in cookies. Based on these data Facebook displays the most relevant ads to a user. So users who are interested in the kind of product/service/content you offer will be appropriately shown your business ads on Facebook to drive most relevant traffic to your website.

Audience engagement: Facebook users share their personal information, for example, age, birthday, gender, occupation, income, location and so on over the network. Every piece of information is analyzed in real-time by applying algorithm to determine the most appropriate ads for a user and ensure maximum user engagement in the advertisement.

Word of Mouth advertising: This is one of the oldest and most effective advertising techniques that are in use for ages. Facebook is a social platform where users share their things of interest among their friend circles. It is only a matter of a mouse click to leverage the power of recommendation in favour of your business and branding.

Our Facebook Ad Marketing service include

Our team of digital marketers can help you utilize Facebook Ad and Boost Post features to promote your products, events, corporate stories and company blog posts to a larger group of targeted audience. Creating high quality content that your fans can emotionally connect with increases the chances of its getting viral over the network and earn you greater exposure.

Our services include:

  • Market study
  • Segmentation
  • As content creation and optimization
  • Campaign scheduling
  • Managing your budget
  • Campaign monitoring and analysis
  • Reporting

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