Joomla Web Site Development

Do you want an online ecommerce store where managing content and inventory would be quick and easy? Then Joomla is your call. If you don’t know why we are advocating for Joomla development here are a few points to note. Joomla contains a number of modules/components to support ecommerce functionality better than many other CMSs.

Major benefits of Joomla website development

Fast and Easy content management – Joomla CMS allows you to add, delete, edit and update content and product details via the admin control panel’s interactive user interface. So, you can conveniently manage your content from anywhere with access to internet.

No need for technical knowledge – Conventional website requires technical understanding to manage a website. But Joomla eliminates the need to hire web development services for common updates and regular content management except serious error fixing. That means you save both your time and money with a Joomla ecommerce store.

User friendly features – Joomla offers a number of components to make your site user friendly. You can add site search to find content quickly from the bulk by typing keywords. You can also save your time by scheduling your posts. They will be published automatically on the scheduled date and time.

Consistent design throughout the site – When you install a Joomla template for your website you don’t need to work on the design of new pages and posts you publish. It will automatically fit into the template design to maintain consistent look.

Control over visibility of your content – You can keep all your pages public. But if you want you can select pages for restricted viewing by your visitors. This feature allows you to protect your premium content from unregistered visitors.

Future proof – You can add Joomla extensions to enhance functionality of your website with time and meet the changing needs of your business.

Flexibility – Joomla offers versatility when it comes to infrastructure. It is originally meant for LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) web technologies. But it can also work with other databases such MSSQL and Oracle and run on IIS server.

Multilingual support – Higher versions of Joomla allows you to build websites in other languages in addition to English. So you can go global as well as local with your Joomla website and increase your reach.

What we offer in our Joomla Development Service

We specialize in Joomla web development. Our services involves following:

  • Joomla setup and configuration
  • Joomla site migration and modifications
  • Joomla theme and component development, installation and setup
  • Joomla website customization using plugins and widgets
  • Fixing errors and securities issues
  • Maintenance and technical support

We have a team of experienced Joomla developers. You can rest assured of having a robust, secure and easy to manage website with us. If you want a Joomla website at an affordable price along with great customer service contact us today.